NPIC Welcomes Interns Alexa and Idajia to Dallas Head Office

NPIC Welcomes Interns Alexa and Idajia to Dallas Head Office

By Idajia Earl

Last week, we happily welcomed Alessandra (Alexa) Canton to our marketing team at NPIC in Dallas. A lifelong learner, Alexa likes to constantly expand her knowledge to find new opportunities for the brands she supports. We’re glad she's now going to be a devoted marketer for NPIC brands: Get Naked, N-Bone and Twistix!

Even within her first few days, it became obvious that Alexa’s versatility and adaptability will make her a trusted member of our marketing team.

As a pet lover, she believes that high-quality pet treats lead to healthier lifestyles that can lengthen the lives of family pets; therefore, she’s really itching to promote all the NPIC products to existing customers - and to potential new customers. Alexa says “The first important thing for a brand is to educate its audience about the benefits its products can offer.”

Before coming to Texas, Alexa graduated from the Law School of Ferrara, Italy. Having arrived in the USA five years ago, she started studying at Colling College where she got the Digital Marketing and Brand Management Certificate, and she’s now about to get the Social Media Manager Certificate.

Alexa speaks three languages, and when she’s not at NPIC, she can be found playing violin, reading, or cooking authentic Italian food.

Alexa, we’re very happy to have you with us at NPIC!


By Alexa Canton

This week I had the opportunity to meet Idajia Earl and welcome her to the Sales team at NPIC. Idajia is a junior at Wiley College in Marshall, TX, with major in Criminal Justice.

Idajia is a very sensitive person. She told me that when she graduates, she would like to help young children in any way possible. She would love to be a school counselor to be there to help children. When chatting with her, it was immediately clear to me that she is interested in expanding her knowledge of business and sales at NPIC. I believe her personality fits perfectly with the NPIC philosophy: as a matter of fact, as a pet owner herself, she feels a dog needs pretty much the same things as a human.

When not at NPIC, she tries to keep herself and her dog as healthy as possible by working out, running and eating healthy food. Spending time with her family and other loved ones is also very important to her.

Idajia is already loving her time at NPIC, and I can see she has learned much in just a few days. I am very pleased to have you as a colleague at NPIC Idajia!