NPIC Ships Booth and Products to SuperZoo

NPIC Ships Booth and Products to SuperZoo

By Neil Farquharson

With only two weeks to go to SuperZoo, we’re making our final preparations for making a great impact at the most attended expo for the pet industry. On Friday afternoon we watched our consignment loaded onto a shipping truck to be taken to the Las Vegas staging warehouse.

As you can imagine, the logistics of organizing a large expo are immense. If an expo floor, with hundreds of booths, was to be filled in an ad hoc basis, setting up would take weeks. Instead, the organizers have all the exhibitors, like NPIC, send their products, displays and physical booth structures to a staging area or staging warehouse. In this staging warehouse, the cases and pallets – such as the ones you can see in our photograph - are arranged into an order that will later allow the expo moving staff to populate the expo floor in the fastest, most efficient manner possible.

As you may already know, NPIC will have a significant presence on our large booth, situated in the Nature’s Pathway area of SuperZoo. We’re looking forward to meeting not only our favorite retailers and distributors, but also new ones, and then working with them to deliver the products that pet owners want for their beloved family pets. We’ll have plenty of staff on our booth to greet exhibition-goers, to explain our philosophy and to promote our new motto: Natural, Premium, Innovation. These three words represent our mission to create the best, premium pet treats for the four-legged members of your family.

We’ll be blogging during SuperZoo and webcasting some video too. So watch this space for more information about NPIC and our three premium brands: N-Bone, Twistix, and Get Naked.

NPIC makes a range of high-quality, premium pet treats that we feed to our own pets every day. We use only the highest quality ingredients and we test every NPIC product to ensure your pets will love them.

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