1 warehouse, many destinations

1 warehouse, many destinations

Plano, TX. Since 1996, NPIC has established its operation in this beautiful city, which is home to many other more businesses, natural preserves and parks, and has recently been nominated the #2 most livable city in the US (source http://bit.ly/2IYG0db).

At NPIC, we pride ourselves to have all our fulfillment and production processes located at the same facility, in order to achieve coordination and to serve our clients at the best of our capabilities. Our warehouse hosts on average 250,000 lbs of products ready to be shipped to our partners every day so that you can find your favorite treats at your local pet supplies store or at online distributor websites. Click here to find the closest location where you can find our treats!

Meet Hollis Blue, our shipping supervisor that strives to make every shipment to be ready at the docking platform so that trucks can deliver our products to destination safely and on time every day. Hollis started to work with NPIC in 2013 and ever since he has has demonstrated great work ethic and to be a great team player. He always coordinates with our sales team and at the same time leads his warehouse team to successfully fulfill every shipment. He is a great servant leader, and is not scared of taking ownership and initiative of new tasks.

We wander if this great attitude comes from the fact that Hollis is a football coach for little league in his spare time. He started by coaching his son when he was 7, up until he started playing in high school. Currently, Hollis is coaching the Bears, and has achieved 3 championships and 1 national championship with his little boys. When asked what is passion was, Hollis responded:" I just like seeing my boys playing and executing their goals. That's my real passion". Oh, and did we already mentioned that he is a Cowboys fan? Go Cowboys!

Thank you Hollis for being such a great team player and inspiring us with your positive energy!